A small dream village

The village is buzzing. There are these 3 guys in this village who work for software product companies. They collectively set up a learning center, which is free of schooling structure and anyone from the village can learn. They also connect to their friends in their companies who are also interested in such activities.

A self-sufficient fund is created for the villagers to take from, for a decent interest of 1%. The villagers, rarely go to banks. They tend to use less and less money for transactions. Instead, they have work hours bank, which they exchange with people who want to work in their fields. Their first share of the produce goes to the village people. Then the remaining goes for sale in the other villages. The whole village works like an FPO. With which they have the power to collectively irrigate the land of the village and collectively market the excess produce after they consume.

People are encouraged in different arts. The Health and food of the people are taken care of by the village groups. Your job is to get to your highest potential. And you are not bound to any conditions. You are free to do what you wanted, but the majority of the people return to the village after higher studies. And work remotely for companies and work in their fields.

The job of the school teachers is to facilitate and take care of the environment created for the active learning of the people. All walks of people come and share their new understandings and technics of doing things. All these are recorded and searchable with a voice, just a query to ask.

They have village festivals every month for a week. Where the whole village cooks and eats and celebrates together. New learnings are presented to people. New works and creations are sold. People from other villages also tend to come to these festivals. They provide free food for everyone who visits the village this week. The games are conducted to stress test the bodies of the villagers. The last of the festival week, they plan for the next month and try to figure out what is needed to achieve it. Every season they have a theme to work on. This year they are working on a theme of Health. How to improve it for all the people in the village? They commonly use themes like Health, Wealth, Human potential and a few other themes.