About me

What do I care for?

I care for leading a balanced life and having joyful people around. Our minds are conditioned to live life using one of the few pre-defined templates. From the moment we are born, everyone is filling our minds with their impressions and opinions. Many structures are designed to condition the mind in a certain way. The primary being the schooling structure. The next being friends, parents, locality. And media to a larger extent on a day to day basis. After understanding all these influences and how our minds are conditioned, it’s time to craft a process to lead a balanced life. And creating environments in which our children and young minds can blossom.

Areas of interests


Health the foundation and freedom with which we do everything else. Most people realize once they lose it. I am interested in understanding different ways of living. I call this a process that you follow every day. If you could design this process well, and follow it, rest will fall in place. I want to create an environment where you live the lifestyle that is best and with ease, not with much difficulty.
Many great people have magic in their hands with which they could fix(permanently) many of the health problems people face in today’s world. I will do a project to profile these people.

Financial freedom

Financial freedom is another area of interest. Still in the exploration phase only.

Education system

The modern factory schooling education system is one of the greatest crimes against humanity. One hundred years from now, we will look back at the violence of schooling and ask how could we have done this to innocent children.

What I did till now?

Co-founded a successful startup Apxor
Made a few hundreds of people capable of developing quality software. Worked in product companies for more than a decade.
More on that here.