Inner Engineering Crash Course
How to manage time?


Github Copilot
Learning Sanskrit is Backward
Establish a strong purpose
How is coding useful for geo informatics engineering students?
How is coding useful for electrical and electronics engineering students?
How is coding useful for civil engineering students?
How is coding useful for metallurgy engineering students?
How is coding useful for chemical engineering students?
Best Resoure for faculty
Typing for software developers
Telugu Story by GPT-4


How to use ChatGPT?
Enhance Energy
Markdown demo
CS fundamentals self study
Vidyarambham chant
How to decolonize your mind?
Krishna Janmastami
Kalabhairava Ashtakam
Who we are
Bharatiya Ganitam
No India only Bharat
Zoho school admissions are open
Ninth day of the new year
Sample Shloka Content
Revolutionary movement was subverted
Nurture your child
శ్రీ రామానుజ సహస్రాబ్ది సమారోహం
Profit is part of the plan


India’s Great Scientist, J. C. Bose
Death knell for coding career
Thoughts on sending to school
What is the most important thing in life?
Child's education
The need to talk more
Longterm ROI for children
Proud of Bhārat
Something for Bhārat
Project Samskriti
To learn Python
How to get into big software company?
Can a mechanical student succeed in software industry?
How can I be different and better than others in software industry?
Will I get a job in R&D if I discontinue btech?
What are the main languages to learn to be a good programmer?
How to exploit these secret relationships?
The sole owner
Become capable to recognize


New year wishes
Demo of writing article
రామచిలుక కథ
Parrots training retold
Gateway to RnD: One more time demo
Gateway to RnD: Demo to my students
What I wanted to do?
GITAM: Students' questions
What to focus on?
Programming Introduction
Working with people
Why physics is hard?
Trust in human nature
Technology in iPhone 12
Default is powerful
Nurture curiosity
GITAM: Ask your questions?
Create your blog
Shlokas for children and parents
Aadhaar System Design
Math and memory
Story: Saraswathi mam
Break the walls
Writing and books are overrated
Best medium
Is your spoken language scientific?
Bharat programming langauges?
Where to spend my life?
Who is the accountant?
Learning starts now and its life long
Industry changes every 3-5 years
Loyalty to the company?
How can you work remotely?
How to choose where to work and on what to work on?
Real-world how to manage money
Working in teams
Put the effort in the right place
How to learn to code?
Enhance your capabilities
Thoughts on school education
Just for me
Embed YouTube video
Simply dream
I don’t know-how


Enhance CSE education
Unknown short time of life
CV Means?
When you are hit with a suprise failure
Right people for a company
What to do?
Experience of online exam


Mind matters, commitment and capabilities
Essential skills for a developer


Create your own process


My experience of nand2tetris
One day I will die


Chapter-1: Sanskrit as a language