Become capable to recognize

Written on January 01, 2021

1 min. read

The person who gave priority to your wellbeing and your choices rather than his own wellbeing and choices is unforgettable. Even after the person dies. The life that he spent for your wellbeing is a memory of loving emotion. Such beings are very few in our own life. Only when you can recognise it when he is alive, you are wise. But mostly you realise the value of such being only when you no longer have them, to experience those moments of joy. The word nanna for me encapsulates all those memories, which are beautiful moments. But I realised with experience that when you put your priorities in second position, you become joyful and light. There is a beauty in those relationship, a loving relationship. Every other relationships have become just transactional.

When you pay little attention, you can easily spot, what he really wants and what he says in favour of your comforts and priorities. Once you spot, deciding what is the right thing to do is simple.

I wish you have such beings in your life and may this new year bring more such relationships into your life.

Have a joyful new year 2021.