Bharat programming langauges?

Written on August 02, 2020

2 min. read

Now the education policy has suggested that the instruction must be in the mother tongue. And to keep the essential material in all the 6 different regional languages. Because language is like oxygen for our Bharat culture. So it’s up to us to decide to keep the culture up and on or not.

And ours is the only civilization which has been continued over thousands of years. All the other 34 earlier civilizations have died. What we do can decide the future of our culture. A bigger dream has been emerging in the education policy to maintain our culture.

Now in Sanskrit, there are more than 70 words for water. Sanskrit is not an object-specific language. It deals with the properties of the object. Deals with the dharma of the object. Sanskrit also has the freedom to add new words. It has a process to create new words for new things. You need to find the properties of the object and create that with root words, which gives the meaning. There is a lot of freedom in the Sanskrit language.

The government sees coding as an essential skill like Mathematics.

How about creating programming languages with all the common important constructs in today’s programming world. Which uses the words in Indian languages.

This language also adds the facility to visualize the execution of the program. Treats violation of principles to write readable code as compiler errors. Which provides the IDE features to auto-completion. Instead of typing things.

Provides libraries that help in handling data of Bharat literature. The Unicodes, the scanned books, the fonts and other things. The programming languages must be such, it’s easy to write. And the documentation must be like, it could read out loud for children. They could speak out the program and the computer must write the code. And read it back in a meaningful way back to the children.

It should also bring some concreteness into the things, with some ready-made inputs and visual execution and outputs and playgrounds. The moment you try to speak code, the computer must do it for you. It must be able to understand languages written in transliteration form. So the primary ways of writing code in these languages will be in keyboard giving input in the Unicode form. Another in Transliteration form. Another in speech form. Another is sign language mode.

It must provide libraries to interact with the latest machine learning models and other APIs out there. This will enable them to enjoy creating games, solving real-world problems and all the exciting things children want to create. Those libraries must be kept on adding language support. NPM like repository and every 3 months update the standard library with commonly used things. Keep it evolving as more and more kids use it.

It’s more of a language to develop things children wanted to create. Animations, combining stuff, creating 3D toys and anything that they get entertained and increase the enquiry mindset into them and a way to explore the knowledge created in the world. A way to explore and experiment with the knowledge in all the subjects they are interested in.