Break the walls

Written on August 22, 2020

2 min. read

Every life has a combination of their experiences in life, their aspirations, circumstances, influences, beliefs, goals and vision of life.

When we see these combinations as the environment, in which he thinks and behaves. We can see where the fundamental controls are and use them to make him a capable, sensible and inspired person.

This understanding of the child environment is important for parents and professors alike. When we use the word child, we think like he does not know anything, so we have to tell and direct him. With this thought in the background, everyone tries to teach something. But when you realize it is a fresh life, you tend to respect his thinking and try to guide him to travel the unknown terrain. We have come a few years ahead and read a few books. Just this is the difference between the child and us.

When we carefully observe, the child is more joyful than most of us. We have lost in this process of growing up. We believe that the path we took is the right one and try to push the child in the same trail and kick out the joy from his face eventually.

When we contemplate why we have become like this, we can discover the patterns of conditioning that we have gone through. When we think along with the child, as a partner. The child opens up and we understand his environment that he is carrying around in his head.

The biggest blocks for student’s success are mental blocks. When we take time to identify them and break these walls in his mind. He will become free and start exploring things with full enthusiasm and involvement.

These things take time. Once the student gets connected to us, we can leave him without much guidance. Since he will take every direction and suggestion seriously that you spell and work using it.

Without these, how well we present the content and what efforts we try to put in pushing the students to complete the work. Let us say you can see the usefulness of learning programming. Until you make the student understand the same thing, it’s like a lot of our efforts wasted.

Inspiring and motivating the student is equally important as teaching the subject. So consciously, we need to put aside time in our classwork for this. We need to learn the subtle art of inspiring the students. It’s always individual, not a group activity.