Child's education

Written on August 30, 2021

3 min. read

What are the goals?

What is the direction?

She will not be a certified doctor.
If she gets interested in health care, she will establish a health center and hire the needed certified doctors.

She will create institutions where certification is not needed to achieve that goal.

Creating an enterprise is important than doing something specific.

One more is the ability to create software, which will give her the support to lead a comfortable life.

In school, we have been as children, kept in an environment, where you are constantly aware that these people are the top rankers, you are an average guy, and some people are worst than you, so you look down on them. And you look up over top rankers. You might be just good in one subject, which will make you feel top. You are just enjoying the low capability of other people.

All those 12 years are the same. And the teachers treat us also based on the marks we get. Why should they treat it like that and accept it as if it is fair treatment?

Reciting a few rhymes and reading in a language that will make your thinking muddy. And a language that provides you with confidence without clarity. Who are the current teachers? They are just like the way I have gone through school. Their experience is the same as ours.

How to cheat is also taught in the system? How to copy? Never giving the opportunity to use our senses and faculties that we have. This is what you have to learn. This is what you have to remember for the exam to get marks. Important, very important, and very very important questions are marked. Why? In order to get good marks in the exam. What have we achieved once we come out of such a process? What have we become coming out of such a process?

Marks have become the epitome of the process. That’s the primary goal. Spending 95% percent of the time or just being preoccupied about marks. Less time is spent in nature, locality, and playing. The one gift that I got because of being far away from my school is I have to be in sync with my father’s duty time which was 2 hours ahead of school time. My father dropped me at school early in the morning. So those 2 hours are spent on the things that interested me. Which has left some part of me intact. Instead of completely being preoccupied with marks.

What are 99% of the schools today?

Complete morans to make the children get a minimum of 95% marks. Just like money is the only criteria, which the whole society is aiming for and minds are revolving around it. The schools are a sub-society whose operation is optimized around marks. In the process labeling people or sorting people into different categories. Making them completely handicapped for their whole life. Physical handicap is one thing. It’s like chaining someone to a tree. But the psychological handicap is making the person remain inside a circle without any physical chains.

When it comes to the syllabus, it is the best way to condition you as a slave based on your skin color and place of birth. Instilling the soft power of the west. Without pride about your own origins. They will make sure you will never do anything worthwhile and you will never even dare to think of doing something worthwhile. Keeping you devoid of reality.

What does society look at?

Certified people, an indirect indication of their earning capability. And societal acceptance levels.

How can we allow them to grow?
What environment do we have to create?
How do they learn?
How do they get inspired?

I need to engage with my child to observe and understand these things.

Today morning I was thinking about the above and just dumped my thoughts and wrote it and in the evening came across this video below.

For some people there is time to think. Think of it and see what you can do.