Create your own process

Written on September 27, 2017

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If you had absolute clarity about everything, you would know how to act in the given situation or what ever that is. And you would largely know the consequence of that action. If it is a calculated effort and you took the action, it may succeed. It may not succeed. Because there could be many factors that you could have overlooked. But if you had enough clarity, the chances of success is much much better.

So the important thing is, the purpose of human action is success. It does not matter if it is a big thing or small thing, you do.

If you take any kind of action, which produces positive result, then people say you are intelligent. Alright, may be you are not, may be it was chance, but they will say you are intelligent. Because most of the world is not able to recognise anything other than success. It is not the best way to live, but that is the reality.

This is what we have done to life. That we are too much result oriented, not process oriented. If our processes are right, results will come. But because we are in such a hurry for results, we are too result oriented.

So this excessively, success oriented society, is dangerous because, we will miss all the process, we will bypass process and do things. Ad-hoc it may succeed. See anything will succeed fifty percent of the time, even if you don’t know what the hell you are doing. Yes. If you are playing cricket, with your eyes closed, if you swing the bat, you may hit it. So 50 percent of time lot of things might happen by chance, but, that is not what young people should depend on.

You must build a process within yourself, which is reliable. It doesn’t matter if someone approves it, or disapproves it.

Whether the world approves it or disapproves it. Whether it appreciates or depreciates.

It doesn’t matter.

You build a solid process for yourself. That it’s always always reliable for you. If you do this.

If there is an opportunity in the world, may be it will become a big success. Otherwise, may be it will be something like that. But you will have the beauty of always standing on firm ground with in yourself. Never struggling with anything that happens to you in your life. This is what you must built.

Success in the world will come, depending on what the world is ready for.

What the flock says, it does not matter. Have you built an appropriate process, which has absolute integrity within itself and clarity is the basis of your process. If you have done this, it does not matter whether the world, accepts you are not, you are successful. Because as a human being you are successful. You are successful in the world or not, depends on what the world is ready for, right now.

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