CS fundamentals self study

Written on October 09, 2022

1 min. read

You have completed B.Tech and you have time at your hand.

The best way to spend your time well is to do these activities and in the process become strong and clear about the fundamentals required for software development.

Brilliant.org CS courses
brilliant.org CS cources

Do all the activities in the above courses: Computer Science Fundamentals, Algorithm Fundamentals and Data Structures. Also Computer Memory course. These are not really the courses that you see everywhere. But a bunch of activities grouped under the name course.

Another is to solve all the problems in cs50.net, I am not saying do the course and see the video. Your goal is to solve all the problems from this course. For that if needed watch the class recordings.
URL: https://cs50.harvard.edu/college

Similarly solve all the projects from nand2tetris.org course.
URL: https://www.nand2tetris.org

The important principle is put what ever time it takes, to solve these problems on your own without using google. Solve each problem by just using the course materials provided as part of the courses.

If you have done all these, I can place you in many companies. You can reachout to me :-)