Death knell for coding career

Written on November 08, 2021

1 min. read

Loving a subject or hating a subject in Engineering College happens because of the person who introduces the subject to the student.

One reason for every student who hates a subject says it’s because of the teacher who taught the subject.

Loving a subject happens when you are good at it. How you have become good at it is another question to understand the circumstances, context, and situations that make them interested in those subjects.

Programming per se is your comfort in coding will make you like the subject. And your ability to create something using coding will make you hooked to coding.

It’s critical to make people(CSE students) like coding. For that, we need to create an environment. The first introductory programming course is the right time to make their minds fertile for coding to blossom. Otherwise, it could be the deciding subject for people to hate coding for their life. And become a death knell for their great coding career.

Once they are comfortable, open, and interested in experimentation with code, they suck the coding knowledge like a hungry stomach. For every subject, when we can devise practical explorations. And assignments to make them gems in practical knowledge. That understanding and knowledge will stay with them for life.

A coding career is well paid. And could provide opportunities to do great things in life, to work with capable people, and to do impactful work. On the side, it creates disposable resources to explore and work on the things that matter to the person in his life.