Default is powerful

Written on October 13, 2020

2 min. read

I used to make people into a capable iOS developer around the year 2010. And in between these 10 years, have done various training. Every training was face to face, never did I do any remote training.

Due to covid, we did one training online for 42 days through Enhance42. Due to the training requirement, we needed to give video recordings of the online classes that were part of the training. As needed, we gave them all the recorded training videos.

It has been 3 months, we completed the training. Now we have all the classes’ recordings except one or two, which we took.

Earlier in some training setups tried to record the classes. I, too, had those videos for years. But they were not clear. The voice is not clear since it is a typical physical classroom setup. Those recordings were because that time my brother was in Hyderabad for a few days.

I personally know how difficult it is to do a good recording of the physical classes. But now, with the default setting to teach online. I had to make sure what I am speaking must be audible and the demo I am showing must be visible. By default, whatever the essential quality bar for any class recording, has become the medium through which we have to teach to students. In companies also, we wanted to record some meetings. Now it’s just a binary bit in the medium, which you need to toggle.

Teachers who want to look back into the explanations they give spontaneously for some students’ questions would be treasures to share with future students.

If we can realize this mode will lead to the removal of repetition of the constant stuff that is part of the curriculum. And primarily focus on enhancing the students’ ability to learn.

Today’s default is people are willing to take remote classes. And we need to be prepared better for the new medium. The barriers of local students are removed for training centers. Now they could cater to interested students anywhere in the country.

The demonetization and covid have pushed online payments. Now covid is pushing remote work and remote services in some domains to be the default.

The current default today is powerful for people in several domains.