Enhance CSE education

Written on November 27, 2019

1 min. read

Make students excited at the start. Coding competition. Self-study with the help of seniors. Community/Club in college for fearless coders.

This is a simple solution to fix the CSE students’ problem. It has ripple effects. They get interested in CS core subjects. They become experts who could help fellow students. And might get them into an exciting state.

I know few who started learning coding in 3rd year and aced well. All you need is an environment to help students out of the initial block. Lack of laptops at the start, hinder their learning progress, and getting interested in computing. So an essential way to get them addicted to the fun of problem-solving from the early days. Is to have some coding competitions and allowing the resources to be used in the college. Make students use the resources well, which are in college. This group will make them use the computing resources on Saturdays and Sundays. In college, with the help of seniors.

The current model of education will tilt them into the mode of learning in a short time. Will lead to false assumptions that the solution to problems has to be solved in a short time. This leads them to think inferior in this core-specific area or plans to mug the things up. Once they do this, they are finished. Since it’s a horrible experience to go through. With no use in the long term.

Collection of open-source libraries that the college students’ needs. A library like an Android library to add payments to the app.

Happening things are maintained as part of the group. Apps (Mobile/Web + Services), Games, Hacking, ML, Blockchain, 3D printing…

Whatever catches the student’s imagination, that will be done. A template model to create a project in a specific domain. A list of ideas which they can work on.