Experience of online exam

Written on April 08, 2019

1 min. read

Few thoughts on my experience of conducting an online exam.

It’s a joy to be with involved people. The mentors of Mission R&D are the people whom I like to work with. They bring energy with involvement. The setup is too good.

Students are ready, waiting for the questions to be released. Once released, we keep answering the doubts in the questions students ask. Keep them reminding at regular intervals of time. Mentors handle the problems people face during the exam submissions. Once the examination is completed. The submitted answers are saved. Only one test case is given as part of the questions. Remaining cases, they have to think and write the solution. The evaluation is done and the result is given to the students.

I find the involvement of students & mentors enjoyable in this period of exam, for everyone involved. So on an extension note…

Weekly every Sunday, we keep such activity. Activity is time-bound, once the time is over, we release the complete test cases. They have to make the tests pass, whatever time it takes is not important. Just to solve them on their own by making the test cases pass is important. Maybe we give 10 hours to solve the problems on their own and submit them.

We keep publishing the results. This mode of learning will be interesting for students. Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday practice questions Saturday/Sunday exam mode, followed by solving on self.