GITAM: Students' questions

Written on October 27, 2020

3 min. read

Here are answers to some of the questions asked by students in a session conducted on Sep 24th in GITAM.

Why can’t we develop such a program (app) that changes our simple language into coding that understands to computer…?

Yes, it can be done. Like the way we communicate, we can express in our spoken languages, and it must be translated into machine-understandable form.

Partially it is being done today. The voice assistants like Siri, Alexa, Ok google are somewhat in the same category. We suggest what needs to be done and those voice commands are translated into code and get executed on your mobile phones or devices. But there are limited to these voice commands. They are limited to a collection of fixed commands.

As this domain improves over the years, you will see where you express something naturally the way you speak. The computer will convert it into a program and show it to you.

If you can dig deeper into this question, you will understand the constraints with which the programming languages are designed. LLVM plays an essential role in all the programming languages that are developed recently. Check the architecture of LLVM to understand how the code that you write gets executed on the machines.

After completion of c programming, which language will you prefer to do? Java or JavaScript?

JavaScript or Python would be a better choice for current days.

JavaScript - a step by step, in-depth introduction to JavaScript programming is a good one for JavaScript to use as a reference. It assumes no background knowledge.

Similarly, for Python Think Python book is a good one to use. Both of them are available for free.

Any suggestions from where we can start if we know nothing about the coding language or anything related to it? What is the way to start?

You can start with Intro to Programming with Karel the Dog by CodeHS. Later pick any of the 2 books mentioned in the previous question. The JavaScript book from Launch School or Think Python book.

You can also check the Gateway to R&D program I run at Enhance42.

Can CSE cybersecurity makes the future?

It has a big future and Bharat badly needs Cybersecurity experts. Future wars between countries are majorly based on Cyberwars.

Can you tell us some software where we can create new software or program?

The software that enables you to create new software or programs is called the Integrated Development Environment (IDE). Examples are VSCode, Eclipse, Xcode, Android Studio are popular IDEs.

Online IDE’s like these are also useful for writing programs and creating software and host the web-applications.

Coding is said to be difficult by some seniors. But how to make it easy?

The way you learn makes it all difficult or easy. Once you can follow a process, you can surely become comfortable with how to code. One of the books I recommend is Think Python. Start using the book and learn. You will find it easy.

If you need the best support in learning, you can check the Gateway to R&D program.

Do extreme Maths is involved in CSE?

Remove the ‘extreme’ word from the question. And the answer is YES.