I don’t know-how

Written on April 08, 2020

1 min. read

I can see it, but I don’t know-how.

Many people have demonstrated to sit and close their eyes for days together. I don’t know-how.

When I sat with my eyes closed, the maximum I sat is 3 hours, that too in the presence of Dhyanalinga. Pratyahara is a branch of Yogic science. You withdraw your senses and sit with your eyes closed for long periods. 12 hours. 6 hours. We can start with 1 hour.

My friend says when he sits with eyes closed, earlier lot of thoughts are used to rush into the mind. It’s like a storm of thoughts. Now he just relaxes in the silence in seconds and the mind becomes still. He enjoys the process.

People bursts into joy when Sadhguru claps or utter shiva. I don’t know-how. The theory is you need to become receptive by doing Sadhana.

People dance in mesmerized states. I don’t know-how.

People speak with clarity and confidence and persuade people. I don’t know-how.

People build single-person businesses. I don’t know-how.

People handle people’s relationships with ease. I don’t know-how.