Just for me

Written on April 08, 2020

3 min. read

This 21 min is just for me. For the life I am. Life is a brief happening with a short lease of time. Before and after, there is a long time, just floating. Do I really want to have the capability to leave the body at will? At least, can I maintain the state of my experience in my own hands? At least make my mind disciplined.

There is a lot of work that needs to be done. One time we fluctuate between multiple things. Feel like establishing an institution for a healthy life. All about enhancement methods and techniques to improve the competence and capability in every dimension of life. Like physical health, phycological health, financial health, environmental health. When we keep everything that we want to have in life to lead a better life.

When we tag the word health with that specific thing, like e.g. financial health. It presents a better perspective of the same thing in a balanced view. Instead of just thinking like I need to have more and more money, we will have the clarity to create a system where we always have enough money flow. We may start creating wealth instead of accumulating money. Once our focus shifts to this view, we do better, balanced things. We tend to not take shortcuts and do the best ways that we know achieve financial health.

Many of the property we feel we possess are, in actual reality, we are just the trustees or caretakers or administrators of that property. When we have this perspective, we do what is better for the property than making/breaking it into something dysfunctional.

We are how we spend this limited time and energy. What do you want to do with all that you are made the trusty or administrator? Creating an institution of enhancement of life and its accessories.

Isha Kriya is simple and profound. These simple and profound things are easy to miss. We are conditioned to think, every great thing can only happen with hard work. When something so simple is given, our mind just tries to drift away with different silly reasons. But when we go deep, this may be the reason for it not taking it seriously. Or is the mind intelligent enough to not lose its hold? That is overthinking. You do all stupid things to make your faculties dysfunctional and start creating illusions that your faculties are autonomous beings. They try to work differently on their own.

This Kriya really helps to make these illusions meltdown and provide us with a profound opportunity to have a joyful life. Once the joyful state is set in, sailing through the activities is like swimming for joy on the beach. We know it is not like a swimming pool, but we enjoy these waves and tides and the uncertainty involved in their timing and sizes. We are willing to be in these tides. Once we have no fear, we could do this. The profoundness of this Kriya is also that it will not allow the fear to exist in our minds. So we could sail through the activities with joy. The bigger the activity, the more we enjoy it. Let’s do this, Kriya regularly. Make it into routine practice.