Longterm ROI for children

Written on August 29, 2021

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Now when we think of investment, we think of ROI and duration. In the majority of the cases, the duration is less than the expected number of years they are going to be alive.

What are the possibilities when the duration becomes larger? When someone says these teak trees give you a return after 25 years. It’s too long a time, is what we think, and tend not to invest in such ventures.

Many of us want to give a “good life” to our children. When we think of good investment for our children, we tend to think through the framework built by opinions of the society we live in. Mostly it will be like investing in their education blah blah blah. I think mostly this is the message the education corporations have drilled into the minds of the parents to make them pay mindlessly for these corporations.

What if you buy land of decent size and plant some tree which would worth crores of rupees, down the line. Rally for Rivers does something like this with the farmers who own the land. Why don’t we do similar things and let our children receive the ROI from what we invest now?

This is just one example that came to my mind, but the real one is to keep answering the question regularly and have the courage to implement the solution you see in the answers that you get. The question is…

What investment will you make which will give maximum returns to your child in his lifetime, periodically?

So the saying goes like, when a child is born, plant 100 or 1000 trees as a gift to your child to use in his life.

Consciously or not we work towards accumulating wealth to give to our children. Let’s do it consciously.

Update 20th Nov 2021

Just came accross this video. I am just thinking, but people have already done this, here is an example.