Loyalty to the company?

Written on June 19, 2020

2 min. read

There used to be a saying in the olden days. You have to be loyal to the company. Loyalty means constant support to an institution.

That saying was from the olden days, where owners of the company were interested in the growth of his employee. These days, it is tough to find a company interested in employee growth in real sense. They might say many things. We need to keep the talk aside and just observe the actions and the policies of the company. In execution, how are the policies implemented?

Your perspective needs to be clear that you are trading your time for money. Are you part of fair trade or not is the question. People might invoke statements like. We are all like one family. The moment you hear such statements, you need to run away from them. You are being trapped. Bells must ring in your head. At the end of the day, it is people who run the company. So from now on, I will refer to the company as these people. The people who take care of their employees does utter such sentiment statements. They show them in action. You can clearly feel it.

Some people are very fair. You will find honest and straight forward people who are very, very rare. Don’t lose them. Be loyal to people, not to the company. As a company, when they have losses, they just fire you, even when you are doing good at work. They run the company by their corporate rules. When you are in such situations, you will realize how stupid you have been feeling unknowingly loyal to the company.

There are companies to which you can be loyal. But, mostly they are small companies and you know the owners of the company to be good people and are capable people. You have to be with them if you find work you would like to work and have enough money in the process.

There is a danger with the combination of good people who lack the necessary capabilities in the Bussiness they are doing. When you are loyal to such people, you will sink along with his Bussiness.

Either you realize it or not, you will spend a lot of life with your colleagues and thinking about the work in the company. End of the day, here is the combination which you need to look for….
Do you have the appetite for the work?
Are you good at doing the work?
Is it valued with money in the place you work?
Do you like to work with the people around in the workplace?