No India only Bharat

Written on April 29, 2022

1 min. read

I am really waiting for a day when there will be no India there will be only Bharat.

When i studied like Vikram said we were only told
what is wrong
with this nation

you have caste issues
you have women empowerment issues
you are a dirty filthy country
you are weak people
you didn’t know how to fight
you have no courage

that’s how I grew up believing
that everybody else in this world yes we
are spiritual we had some great people
Ram and Krishna and
great gods or great people
in our DNA we are weak people
we were never a great country
until the time…..

Check the opening comments of Vikram Sampath as well. Our great past heros and black spots of our history. Whitewashing does not help. We need to acknowledge them and move on for a better future.

“He who controls the past controls the future.” - George Orawell

History is a subject which gives us the identity as the nation. As an individual.

Cultural subjugation of the mind, takes longer time to undo it.