Profit is part of the plan

Written on January 18, 2022

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Plan is a tool to fulfill the purpose.

When you have a burning purpose in your heart, your mind will come up with dozen plans.

Profit is not the purpose.
Profit is part of the plan.
You need profit to fulfill the purpose.
Without profit, you cannot keep any situation going.

Investments we make money, time, energies, above all our life that we invest.
There has to be a return.
If there is no return, no activity is sustainable.

Return need not be money count.
Growth, reach, how many people you touched.
your service or product transforms life on the planet.

Establish a burning purpose in your heart, which you never let it cool.
Day and night it must be burning.

...Of Profit and Purpose
Poem: ...Of profit and purpose

From Insight program Nov 2021.

Anywhere in the world,
the greatest thing to accomplish anything is
the smallest details are taken care of by somebody.
otherwise, the big things won’t happen.