Simply dream

Written on April 08, 2020

1 min. read

I want to follow this advice and dream to create things I care about.


A man without a dream is not much of a man, anyway but the most important thing is to have our feet firmly planted in reality and to carry a magnificent dream in our heart.

The dreamers of the world, one mistake they always made was, they dreamed so strong that their feet were no more in reality, they started putting their feet in reality. Because of this mistake, the so-called realists who are actually pessimists dismissed off all the dreamers as impossible cases.

But if a man has his feet firmly planted in reality and carries a magnificent dream in his heart, it is out of this that all human possibilities spring and flower.

If you take off the dream from one’s heart then he becomes too mundane; too mundane, just absolutely, just survival; biological, nothing more.

It’s because of the great dreams that we carry in our hearts, whether it happens today or a thousand years later, that’s not the point; but we carried a dream in our heart and gave our life to that dream, that’s what makes our life beautiful. Whether it becomes true or not is not the point, but we lived for something that we dreamed, dreamed of as the ideal in our lives. That’s what makes our life beautiful.

Whether it actually happens or does not happen - has a social relevance, but has no individual relevance. We lived for a dream, that makes everything beautiful for us in our experience of life.