Something for Bhārat

Written on August 10, 2021

1 min. read

My heart beats for Bhārat. What beating it has gone through and how it is going through now in various forms of disguise. My heart is yearning to do something for Bhārat, which will bring joy and pride to people.

Native speakers are looked down. We hear them in every conversation. The intelligent are seen and treated as unintelligent and they themselves think so. This has to change. I don’t know-how. But the literature and culture and depths of knowledge that we have in our mother tongues are vast. But we don’t invest in it. So we don’t reap anything from that. There is beauty, joy, understanding of life. There is so much in the practices we follow and great wisdom that is passed over generations.

Which is all lying without any use. What we don’t keep in use, will perish. I want to do something for my Bhārat. For the people of Bhārat.

I will do as a team with the people of Bhārat for Bhārat. Period.

Does your heart beat the same way? Namaskaram to you. Please connect, let’s do something that brings people of Bhārat pride in their hearts and minds.