Written on February 29, 2020

1 min. read

I want to follow this advice and strive to create something I care about.


About work and activity, you can listen to other people’s opinions.

About who you are and what you are committed to, you should not attach value to anyone’s opinion.

This is not the time to enjoy successes or suffer failures.

This is the time to put everything we have into creating the best possible results. That’s all human life is about – to strive for what truly matters. What happens or doesn’t happen is subject to various factors. But if you do not strive for what you truly care for, it is a wasted life.

If you are striving to create what you really care for, neither praise nor criticism will matter. If you can deal with situations without being affected by them if the situations don’t decide who you are, but you decide how the situations should be – that’s what I call success. That’s what I think you should strive for in life.

Without devotion to what you are doing, you cannot achieve great heights.

Let’s start from where you are and keep going to the place where you wanted to go.