Technology in iPhone 12

Written on October 13, 2020

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When the presentation started, the 3 guidelines that Apple follow are stated, useful for any software development. They are

  • Easy to initial setup and regular use.
  • Interconnected to all devices.
  • Privacy and Security.


The S5 chip and A14 chips are packaging a lot of things inside the processor. Like Computational sound and Computational photography, these words are using the latest ML and creating useful applications to people. The photos and videos taken from these iPhones are the best in the world. Starting from the first iPhone, Apple’s focus is always to make the photography by iPhones the best in the whole industry. This alone drives lot of people to buy the iPhone.

A14 processor in iPhone 12
A14 processor in iPhone 12.

Students who are looking into the processor go deep and understand what are all these CPUs, GPUs, ISP, Neural Engine and other things in this chip.


MagSafe in Phone 12
MagSafe in Phone 12.

MagSafe, this beautiful tech existed in earlier Macbooks, but current Macbooks do not have this feature. Now it has redesigned to fit into the iPhone. Magnets were part of the iPad from earlier as well. But the new MagSafe enables beautiful use cases.

Remote Presentation

With Covid, it was a remote presentation. As described in the previous post on remote medium, they took advantage of the new medium. The whole presentation was the like demo videos they used to show in these product launches in theaters.

It’s like Cinema (complete movie) instead of Natakam (presentation of) on stage to put it into a simple perspective.

Home environment for introducing HomePod mini
Home environment for introducing HomePod mini.

They took advantage of this by presenting the first product, HomePod mini, in a home environment. This would not be possible otherwise. They could only show a small demo video, not at this length. Similarly, talking about environmental responsibility and becoming carbon neutral, speaking from the Apple Campus’s sealing, where solar panels were fixed.

Carbon Neutral

It’s good to see a carbon-neutral aim. But it seems industries have been continuing the earth’s plundering by keeping carbon neutral as a facade. When you produce products, there are multiple resources you use and the way you extract the resources. What will be left for a future generation has to be seen.

The future

We can see some of the things that are going to happen in the future in tech. This is an exciting time to build applications for people’s needs.