The need to talk more

Written on August 29, 2021

1 min. read

People who have gone through the education system and have worked for some time, understand the problems with the current system. We just keep criticizing and accepting it as a tax that we need to pay for being in this system.

But, what if we all keep thinking and talking about these problems and the mindset the young people must have in order to do well in their life. The system is there to serve few agendas. The best thing is to understand it and know what you want and create a process for your own. Once this mindset is created where the young people create their own process and see the systems as resources to be used for their goals. It would be a better state of our nation.

Now with the internet people are listening to talks, podcasts, and stuff like these. So people who understand the impacts of the systems that had on them, talk more, maybe the younger people get the benefit. The bad effect we had with the system is we only know our age group people. We tend not to mix with people who are elder/younger than us. With the internet and talking, things might change.