Thoughts on school education

Written on May 28, 2020

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Creating a way out of the current problem of school education. With the lockdown combined with online classes and WhatsApp worksheets. Parents have realized the quality of the content and the quality of content delivery. Essentially, in the current times, the knowledge/information that is delivered in school is available on the internet. For sure, with varying quality levels, which contain at least a thousand options, which provide better than the quality of the school.

With the utilization of the real transformative nature of the internet and computing, the best teachers in Bharat(India), can reach a large population of learners. In every mother tongue, there are some great teachers. The recording of great teachers’ serves better than the school teachers in the locality—both in terms of knowledge and nurturing curiosity. There are no bound to like the textbook, exercise book in class. The boundless nature of a subject on the internet lets you go as far as children desire to go instantly. The primary advantage of the internet is you can have a virtual teacher who could teach anything available with peoples’ knowledge today. This becoming reality is not far with the advancements of Big Data, ML.

The primary thing that a local classroom with teachers provides is motivation and inspiration and mentoring. It is called the human touch(HT). In modern schools, due to desire to scale as huge as possible, by every school. They want to scale just like the factories do. In these factory schools, the human touch element has vanished. In reality, factory schools are run like a machine. At least the AI virtual teacher with their favorite avatar can imitate human touch with empathy. In current times, schools are like machines and computing devices with the internet are more human. As progress in the computing services increases to add the human touch. They become better at doing a decent job.

Given today, now we can create a bot, which could encourage children to whatever level he is and giving appropriate questions to move to the next level. In the factory schools, the goal of the teacher is to get good marks from administrations, which are all set into a process. Completing the syllabus, students getting more marks somehow. Making the students work the exercises. Conducting exams and sorting people and labeling people as failures. This is the job of the current day factory school teacher.

Time has come where you learn the basic languages and move into self-directed learning mode. Once the children’s environment is set into self-learning.

There are excellent resources out there on the internet, like It’s really brilliant. It’s self-directed and you can get good in Math, Science, Computing, Machine Learning and many more they might add. I would recommend parents to look into this service. is another source of information for all Indian languages. It has a million books for a billion people.

Let’s put all these resources at

The reality is parents have given up on using their minds for serious thinking. They are busy in their own activity of earning a living. So, it has to be commonplace for parents to discuss these solutions that are available out there. They are regularly fed with information. We have to push this information into their feeding channels. They need to see that other people are doing it and enjoying the results. Then they will start experimenting with this new model of learning.

At the end of the day, the truth is parents are the only people in the society who care for any human being’s well-being. They are fully in for their children’s growth. All other relationships have become transactional to a large extent. Once parents see, it’s ok to trend the alternative path, with a bit of inconvenience. They are ready to put effort.