Thoughts on sending to school

Written on September 16, 2021

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She completed LKG and stopped going to school. What are you going to do with your child’s education?

Bring some school books, let’s make her study. And which school are you going to join?

What do you want to do?

Listen to me for 5 mins without interrupting.

Languages: Telugu, English, Hindi

When it comes to the English language, there are a lot of things to memorize. It has a huge cognitive overload. Because it’s not a phonetic language.
e.g: In the word often we need to write ’t’ in the word spelling but should not use it in the word pronunciation.
So words spellings and pronunciation become the first memory exercise.

The way language is taught starting from the alphabet does not work and has not worked for me. In general, the approach followed to teach a language, is the best one to make the majority of the people in-capable to speak fluently.

Solution for language learning

Till certain age, only Talking.
NO reading and writing.

Time in School

The major time-consuming activities in school are
Reading, Writing, Memorizing, Exams, Marks.
The whole focus of the Government, school management, teachers and parents is to score high marks. Inevitably the child also falls into this goal-oriented towards marks. In a way, the goal-oriented habits are inculcated. Somehow get marks.
Understanding something to the fundamentals is given less priority.


The syllabus that is followed today will disconnect from your roots.
The amount of information being pushed is also increased.

In house

Use force to make the child

  • Complete the homework.
  • Prepare for exams.

Does not matter what is prescribed in the books, the parents make their child dump the book’s content into their own head. Just to make sure marks are scored.
The relevance and correctness of the content are never thought about.

Math education

Ganitham was invented here for the convenience of conducting their activity and it was smuggled to Europe via Arab. The Europeans could understand what they could. On top of that in the name of formal math, they have introduced the concepts of their religion to convert few people into their religion, in those times. And packaged all these and distributed to the world their incomplete and inaccurate understanding of mathematics. So the way Math is taught has ruined many lives so far and it is and it will make the children’s life miserable.

Solution to learn Math

When math is introduced in the context it was invented, it makes absolute sense to the child. And everything looks simple and logical and obvious for the child. The child is intelligent, we make them dumb-headed in the process of today’s math way of teaching.

e.g: Why are negative numbers introduced so late in their learning?
Why is -1 X -1 is 1?
Given a bangle how do you find the center?
Take a thread, put it around the bangle and find the length of thread that covers the bangle, now make it into two halves of equal length threads. Use one of them and put it around the bangle, you get two points which are part of the semi-circle. Mark two pairs of such points, and draw lines for each pair of points. You get the center of the bangle.

Geometry and Trigonometry are completed messed up by the European minds and we trying to cast our children’s minds into that cast, and keep generating messed up minds.
The whole thing is about Circlometry, not about Trigonometry. Just because the European mind could not grasp a curved line, they made everything straight lines and understood it and named it Trigonometry instead of Circlometry.

Being in the land of Bharat where math was invented, if we cannot teach children of Bharat the way it was invented. Which makes it simple and obvious. The genius of our children will blossom. Do we really care for our children’s future? It’s questionable. What do we really care for? Just Marks, win hands down.

Change the question

Replace “How to teach?” with “How do children learn?”
Let’s not worry about how to teach the child?
Let’s observe how children learn. Solutions lie in observing how children learn. Mother’s tongue is learned by listening and speaking, not by starting with Alphabets. There is a maturity time for learning to speak a language. We dance as if we are following the approach to teach language skills, we teach them listening and speaking skills and then writing ABCD… but the timing and duration we don’t want to talk about. If we talk we know that the king does not have clothes.

Starting from ABCD… makes sense in the land where English is the mother tongue. By the time they start in school, they already are comfortable speaking. But not here in Bharat and the majority of the world population.