Where to spend my life?

Written on July 31, 2020

4 min. read

I am capable of building walls and foundations. I am also capable of building an aesthetic building for people to live in. But the choices with my measuring stick is based on an economical and quick short term. I am trained in a system (education, social structure, all the environment which influenced me), which made me focus on the short-term instead of the long-term. Quick results. Quick appreciation. Less work more returns.

So I decided to leave my place and move into cities to have guaranteed work in my hands always. No need to use my brain much, just do what is offered and get decent returns. So I became a kooli, in the large constructional sites in cities. Somehow I am not comfortable figuring out myself what to do. I am most comfortable taking orders from people and do it for a reasonable price.

What if I had chosen to build houses in my native place. When I use native, most people may think it’s a village, no, it’s a decent town with all the modern-day hi-tech facilities. I would have built some beautiful homes for people to live in. And have enhanced my own perception and vision. I would have lived an enriching life.

In cities, we all were ferried in a transport vehicle to work and back home. But it was all made comfortable. While we were ferried in the AC bus to our workplace. Around the same time, there used to be another bunch of people who used to be ferried on tractors. Every day in the morning, this was a typical scene, for our bus to take a U-turn to get into office place through the gate. At the same time, the tractor also used to make a turn around the same place, to reach their workplace. Closing my eyes now, I can vividly see those people and the people around me on the bus, how we were taking turns at the Wipro-circle in Gachibowli.

I don’t know, but there was this echo chamber around. You need to work in large companies. They mean which pay a high salary. All of these large companies are American companies subsidiaries in India.

In recent days the goals have been shifted to work for companies in the US remotely. You will be doing solid engineering work. How much you might boost about it, it is still evident in the management that it’s all non-core work. Never the primary. You might be boosted, that this is all new code written from here this branch. You are innovating. Internally you feel to do some invention. But slowly, you tend to water down the definition of innovation to a point where it’s not really anything innovative. But you are awarded innovation awards.

Now that I have acquired some skills to build some decent houses in the city. Instead of looking elsewhere, why don’t I look at my native place? Why don’t I see what homes people need and build them? Now that my native place also come a long way and people have money to spend.

Why don’t I move to my native place and focus on solving our own problem with my best abilities? To live, I will not have any issues. Long-term, what will I have, I don’t know. But a steady, focused effort to enhance people’s lives around will surely pay back in long-term, not just in financial measuring stick, but in many other measuring sticks.

And finally, some things don’t have a measuring stick, only you can tell, it worked out or not. It’s like your internal compass. It’s subjective to you. Others’ opinions and others’ measuring sticks do not matter in your internal compass. Your compass will lead you to the north, directed by your mind, emotion, heart, and everything that cannot be objectified like this.

Maybe somewhere in my growing times, I wish I have been exposed to other ways of thinking than this dumbed-down rational thinking. The more I rationalize, the more I lose my intuition.

When I can work on enhancing my perception and vision. I am sure it will enhance my intuition. I don’t need scientific data to prove these statements. The moment proof, science, rational, terms come into the thinking process, the natural gifts we possess, say I can’t breathe. I can’t breathe.

Oh, I forgot to tell you, my native place is Bharat.