Who is the accountant?

Written on July 29, 2020

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When we are educated for Q&A throughout education. Just because it is a convenient way to evaluate our understanding of the subject. This has not changed from ages.

That, too, with a curriculum that revolves around fabricated untruth knowledge. And accounting books of past events that are designed to create a slave mind.

When we go through these accounting books, we follow them as facts. When we see these accounting books and find out that our forefathers and grandfathers are very stupid at doing what they are doing. We don’t feel proud after looking into these accounting books and end up a bit suppressed and subjugated and doubts about our own intelligence. We doubt our intelligence at our core. But put up an act that we are intelligent.

This hypocrisy with-in ourselves, confuses our mind, about what do we think about us really. It leads the two horses running in the opposite direction. Based on the stronger directional force at that moment, it goes forward or backward. One thing is for sure, the journey is slow and sometimes backward. What an awkward vehicle we have created in our minds.

We never enquire about who did this accounting job? And we never question the intentions of those accountants.

The way some businesses maintain two accounting books—one book for showing the auditor and another book for internal purpose. To know what really is happening. These internal account books are always hidden from the public view. But as generations pass, we get access to these internal books, but we don’t bother or don’t have time or don’t have a thinking mind to look into them.

I am referring to our history books in school and around as accounting books of the past events. You can find the internal accountant book in England libraries. Dharampal has taken time to copy by hand, all the relevant details from the internal accounting book. And shared with us in the form of a beautiful tree that existed when the British came to Bharat.

Once we have gone through this process of getting a gulami mindset certified professional. And once we are put on the thread mill. And keep competing to have a better lifestyle than the people around you. Where is the time and appetite to look into the beautiful tree? The appetite is killed long back.

I was observing people preparing for medicine PG exams. I see how stressed they are to remember all the facts and all the questions and answers. All the appetite to read and know more is killed through this process. Those people who sustain this appetite, get still feed by the unscientific fabricated information, mostly biased to make corporations in the medical field profitable. Ignoring the primary purpose of addressing the core purpose of maintaining human health cost-effectively.

We raise our kids with lots of hopes to make them gulami mindset certified professionals. So he could earn a living.

When we all regain our senses and continuously remain aware that we are mortal. We slowly tend to walk into the path to see the light and know how deep dark inside we are so far with all these artificial lights misunderstood as sources of light.

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