Why physics is hard?

Written on October 15, 2020

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WhatsApp forward, about how hard is physics
WhatsApp forward, about how hard is physics.

When we see pictures like these in social media, inside our head, we node yes. This is the case with me. But we never question why this is the case with most of us. Is Physics fundamentally hard?

The root cause of this problem is in the math that we learn. Many concepts in them are utterly wrong concepts. Which then becomes part of Physics. These are called metaphysics. But this metaphysics word itself is misleading for many. This is not related to physics. But the concepts are so much related to Math.

When you can observe these in the math that we have learned, we could at least get a sense that ok, this is the root cause for many children being fearful of math. Which are not practical concepts but something related to religious beliefs that crept into math. And they are safeguarded well, for a few people’s interests. In the chain of robbery of you getting some cut and life depends on it. Then you also want the system to continue. So all the formal mathematicians are part of this robbery chain.

What do they rob? They rob your confidence. They rob your future and make you into mental slaves waiting for someone to give directions about what to do in simple life matters.

It’s not a simple chain. It’s a large, highly connected graph. Once you question the metaphysics in math, you will understand the graph’s nodes and their connection. And how these formal mathematicians have vested interests and spoil the generations after generations of people in Bharath. But keeping the math curriculum the way it is, knowing that many parts of it are bullshit. And this bullshit creeps into the minds of the people who study math. They start expecting perfectness in nature when there does not exist any. You have a sphere and you want to fit it into the compass box.

So if you want to solve this problem, you need to first fix the things in math. The best scholar you can find, who has worked for decades on this is C. K. Raju. To understand the problem and possible solutions, check out these.

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