Writing and books are overrated

Written on August 11, 2020

2 min. read

Writing and books are overrated, we are not able to come outside of the illusion. The computer is a different medium, we are still in the infancy of using it. We are using it just like the way we used the camera’s and created movies earlier.

When you see old movies and TV programs. Mostly they are nothing but a recording of the typical events that we do without these recording and replay devices. The shows that used to happen on Radio have created into the TV, where a person speaks or just talks sitting on a desk explaining stuff. The movies are like the video recording of stage plays.

The typical use of computers is still in the same way. Like printed books, we write our thoughts and essays, as I am also writing here, exactly like a printed paper. These words do not change. Just stays as they are. The knowledge that we had collected so far is still presented in the same formats as printed books. Now when you see a book in pdf format, instead of printing on a physical paper, they have given you the blueprint, the negative reel of the photo. And you happily open on the computer and read it in this medium and argue that the screen is creating problems, so we need to invent ink, like the kindle device for reading. What a stupid, backward step marketed well, for people to maintain the status quo.

With this, they are continuing the way of creating printed books like works. Spreading their ideas, just the old fashioned way. Let’s see how we can create new things in this medium. What does this offer and how can we make it easy for people to create these things.

News, magazine, books all are the same. Keep you dumb. You read and feel good—nothing to do with the knowledge. Way to explore, question, doubt, deeply understand the things. Where is that medium?

One of the computer medium’s properties is like we got a RAM, but using it as a sequential tape.

Now the majority of the classes are moving online, what are we providing? Just record the class and let them replay. The only extra thing that you get is to watch when you want and how many times you want to. Slides are again the same, colored notes. Can we do any better than this?